Kuvings cold pressed juicer model E8000(NS-826)

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Kuvings cold pressed juicer model E8000(NS-826)
Leader in cold pressed vegetable juice and low cycle fruit Extraction with less fiber and more yield. It has a low noise and is easy to use and clean. It can be used as a 2-in-1 (extraction of vegetable and fruit juice, ice cream). It works by grinding, squeezing, and squeezing slowly from the Ultem spiral grinder, resulting in the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables. The body absorbs 100% of important vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

The equipment is upgraded to Gen 5, all new models, with 2 filter heads.
1. Yellow strainer For extracting green leafy vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains.
2. Clear strainer For making sorbet ice cream

-The fruit slot is a new O-shaped slide, easier and more convenient, developed into the newest 5th generation, wider than the existing model to make juicing easier and has only one entrance for vegetables and fruits. Makes juicing convenient
- The raw material compartment is extra wide, 82 mm., able to hold whole fruits (such as apple, passion fruit) easy to use and convenient Save time on preparing ingredients and cooking.
-Reinforced drum cover, durable and stronger than before.
-Large waste release hole Helps drain quickly and is easy to clean.
-Protect safety so that children's hands cannot insert it.
-extract slowly To get the best taste experience
-The production material is Tritan BPA, which is safe for cooking and children.
- Spiral crusher, transparent type, vertical shaft, suitable for crushing green leafy vegetables and fruits.
-Upgrading the base of the bowl By increasing the assembly points from "3" to "4" to make the assembly stronger and more stable.

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Diana Hoffmann

Amazing product! And super fast delivery within 2 days from ordering.

Kuvings Juicer

Kuvings juice extractor and pulp separator model E8000

Reduce preparation steps and have a more intense flavor with Kuvings E8000(NS-826).

Reduces juicing and preparation time.

Kuvings has produced a new version of the Professional auger which once again can easily crush and press whole fruit.

Other design changes include deeper grooves at the bottom of the drill, which reduces extract content and increases yield. The deep holes at the bottom are unlike existing screws. It greatly reduces the content of the extract. Makes more fruit juice

This new screw not only violently compresses all the ingredients. but also smoothly release the pulp in the tank quickly to increase the juice volume.

Reduces juicing and preparation time.

The 82mm fruit slot, which is wider than existing models, can dump large ingredients into the chute without cutting. This results in faster juicing time.

Upgrade Smart cap, modern design

The Kuvings E8000 Smartcap cover features a chrome handle with a comfortable grip and an improved design for user comfort. With this practical juice cap You can make natural juices that are healthier and clearer.