New cleaning tool for REVO830

We provide a unique strainer-cleaning tool, plus additional brushes, to make cleanup fast and easy.

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We all love the juice our juicers make, but many people find cleaning difficult or tedious.
You can easily clean your Kuvings juicer using a cleaning tool.

Method Kuvings Patented Green Rotary Brush

Kuvings is the only juicer manufacturer in the world to have developed a patented cleaning tool specifically for the juice filter.
This cleaning tool is included in the packaging of ALL Kuvings juicers.
Insert your filter into the tool and rotate the filter clockwise and counterclockwise several times under running water.
There are small brushes that adapt perfectly to the stainless steel part of the juicer filter and brush away all annoying pulp deposits.

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Cleaning Brush Method (Tip Cleaning Brush)

This method is pretty simple. Use the tip cleaning brush to clean the holes of the filter.
The cleaning brush is particularly helpful for stubborn pulp residue that sometimes cannot be reached with the rotary tool.

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