General product warranty conditions
1) Kuvings products and accessories are guaranteed in the event of damage caused by a failure of the unit during use.
2) Buyer must present receipt/tax invoice. or warranty card to be used as evidence of the date of product purchase to service personnel In the event that the buyer requires product warranty protection and keeping the warranty card and proof of purchase throughout use
3) Staff can reserve the right to refuse to install the equipment in the customer's area and the company does not have staff to repair the equipment in the area. To protect the safety, property and personal rights of customers.
4) Shimono (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has the right to charge service rates for repairs and services of out-of-warranty machines according to various breakdowns.
6) This product warranty condition applies only to products sold by Shimono (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or distributors of Shimono (Thailand) Co., Ltd. only.
7) The warranty covers only products purchased in Thailand and warranty service provided. Must be performed by an appointed service center located in Thailand only.

Product warranty exceptions
1) Damage resulting from an accident Misuse, improper testing, maintenance, installation, adjustment or modification. and mistakes or negligence resulting from misunderstanding The procedures for use are specified in the product user manual.
2) Symptoms of breakdown or damage or abnormal operation due to natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, or due to using voltage that is different from what the company specifies.
3) General wear and tear with age and wear, corrosion, rust, or stains. and threats from animals or insect bites
4) Scratches and damages on surfaces and external components caused by customer use.
5) Claims for damages or missing components after 7 days from the date of product purchase.
6) Any components which are replaced by non-sold parts. or approved by the company Shimono (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or products which has been disassembled or repaired by any employee other than the Company's employee Shimono (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and/or appointed service center
7) The product serial number has been altered, deleted, crossed out, or destroyed and the product warranty has been altered. or deleted in any case.