Shipping policy

How we deliver

For most shipments We use Kerry's courier service. You will receive a parcel number via email when we receive it. Domestic shipments are completed within 2-3 business days (after proof of payment is submitted).
Or pick up the product yourself from our office. If you would like to pick it up in person from our office, you can call 099 159 5500 and check if stock is available for pick up.

Return Method

All sales are final. If you are having problems with your machine and want to request a refund Please follow the steps below. :
-Customers ask about warranty claims Ready to send all relevant information and pictures to claim the product.
-Wait for a response and follow the steps in order. kuvings will not claim the product in case it detects that it is caused by an accident of the customer. Caused by accidents from animals such as rat urine or rodents caused by riots Caused by confiscation by government or private 
-machine that has been used No refunds in all cases
For more information, please contact line: @kuvingsth

In the case of not accepting product claims

1. Officers have checked the damage. Found that it is not caused by damage from use, such as using a knife to teeth the device. Use hard objects to break the device, gnaw animals, drop the device
2.The product is out of warranty

*Product claim conditions Only models with a 1-year warranty on the device can claim 1 time per piece.

Models with 1 year warranty (NS-625,NS-726,NS-1226,NS-2026,CS520,CS600,CS700)

Warranty equipment
-discharge bowl
-yellow strainer

-grinding spiral
-rotary cover
-red rubber
-silicone under the yellow strainer

In case of no warranty
-Defective device. Officers found that there were disassembled parts to repair themselves. The company will immediately disqualify the remaining period of the motor warranty.

*Terms and conditions apply only