Whole slow juicer

Both Kuvings slow juicers are juicers.
Cold-pressed, slow-grinded wood. With vertical screw juicer
With the Kuvings juicer you can enjoy fruit juice.
Plants that are healthy and rich in nutrients can be!

Provides excellent fruit juice quality

Centrifugal juice extractor It uses blades that rotate at high speed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. High speed rotation creates frictional heat. This may reduce the nutritional value of the juice.

slow juicer Use a screw that rotates at a low speed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Low-speed extraction reduces frictional heat and helps preserve the nutritional value of the juice.

The Kuvings slow juicer is an example of a popular slow juicer. This machine uses a vertical screw to extract juice. The vertical screw allows the mixture to move downward due to gravity. This helps to extract the juice more efficiently.

With the Kuvings juicer, you can enjoy healthy, nutrient-packed juices!

Patented slow press juicer The Kuvings slow press juicer uses a vertical screw press to press ingredients more firmly and deeply. This brings the flavor and nutrients of fruits and vegetables closer to those of the raw material. Moreover, very low oxidation helps to preserve vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. This makes for an exceptionally healthy and delicious juice. The excellent quality of the slow press juicer is reflected in the quality of the juice. Which is better than a normal centrifugal juicer.

Among the different Kuvings product models I'm here to give you some tips on how to choose.


90mm + 43 mm



Both the EVO820 and REVO830 juicers have a clamshell insert, but the REVO830 has a slightly larger insert. The REVO830 also has an auto-cut insert specially designed for carrots and celery. This makes it easier to cut long, fibrous ingredients. The REVO830 also has a wider pulp and juice outlet. Bigger body and a narrower juice and pulp container than the EVO820.

We Recommennd the REVO830!

REVO830 is a new product that makes juicing easier.

Long ingredients such as celery, carrots and cucumbers can be placed into the 43 mm wide filling opening with automatic cutting function without having to cut them first. The second 90 mm wide flip-gate filling opening enables whole fruit to be juiced.

The futuristic and sophisticated design gives your elegant kitchen an elegant ambience.
The subtle pearlescent finish on the top of the case not only has an excellent juicing function, but also becomes a beautiful object that can satisfy your aesthetic needs.

In addition, all Kuvings juicers are equipped with a secure flap, the so-called flip gate, so you can enjoy juicing with your children.

We Recommennd the EVO820!

The new wider 5th generation O-Shape Flip-Gate has only one feed opening for easier juicing.

The pressure created during mastication is distributed accordingly, increasing the likelihood that various physiological active ingredients remain in fruits and vegetables, which can be destroyed by heat and pressure.