CEO Interview

Kuvings' past 45 years and the next 100 years

NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. is a representative global manufacturer of premium kitchen appliances in Korea. Established in 1978, it introduced products based on a number of original technologies such as green juicer, crusher blender, fermenter, juicer, high-speed blender, and vacuum blender.

In particular, we will become a global leader in creating a unique and new food culture and experience in a way that only we can, providing trust and satisfaction to our customers with our infinite passion for innovative technology and original contents and our constant commitment to innovation.

Brand Story

Since 1978

Established NUC Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founder JB Kim sought to make healthy living easier with
innovative household appliances.


Created Tools for Healthy Eating
NUC began producing horizontal masticating juicers, slow cookers, and blenders. Most, notably NUC's yogurt maker sold over 5 million units in one year.


Invented Original Vertical Slow Juicer
A deviation from the decades-old horizontal models, this new vertical design saved space and worked with the pull of gravity to juice more efficiently


Introduced World's First Wide Mouth Slow Juicer
The revolutionary design featured a wide feed chute to accommodate whole ingredients, which reduced prep time.


Unveiled Vacuum Blender
Our vacuum blender was created to remove air from the container before blending, which retains beverages' nutrients and flavor


New Product Development
45 years later, Kuvings still prioritizes healthy living with
exciting new products in the works.