Kuvings cold press juicer CS600

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Cold pressed juicer kuvings CS600

The Kuvings CS600 cold pressed juicer has a beautiful, modern appearance, convenient and fast to use. The powerful 240 watt motor has a large fruit compartment, making it more convenient and faster.

Comes with unique technology that will allow you to taste vegetable juice. and fruits by finely grinding instead of using a blade This patented technology is unique to the world.

Easy to remove and clean, no hassle . Fruit juice is fresh and clean and has a higher amount of water than normal machines. Juicing at 60 revolutions per minute does not create heat, so the vitamins are intact.

Cold pressed juicer kuvings CS600 - Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Chef (CS600)_Brand New Model : Story of my own juice bar

Can be used for a longer time as well. Commercial Type Slow Juicer CS600

Easier to use than ever before, even though various parts have been developed. To be much more efficient than before But this model has a structure that works. Easier to control and clean thanks to the assembly style. and various directions of the machine

Has a Juice Cap to prevent dripping water. You can squeeze fruit and vegetable juice and mix it from inside the bowl. The bowl has a water level gauge (500ml.) The bowl can be removed from the motor more easily by lifting it up straight.

The motor has cooling holes. The rotational speed is 2 times lower than before, resulting in fresh fruit juice. and has more flavor (Because there is a higher rate of juicing For controlling the fruit waste outlet to suit the type of fruit)

More economical with screws double-bladed This second generation Kuvings Juice Chef CS600 screw juicer works with a system. double-bladed which makes a larger amount of juice Drier food residue And there are no more food scraps left in the machine.

Suitable for commercial use Because it can be opened continuously for 24 hours.

Kuvings CS600 has a slim profile that saves space on your counter or kitchen. Additionally, it has a translucent body that allows you to see both the fruits and vegetables being extracted.
The spiral head, patented by JMCS, allows for balanced extraction of fruit pulp and juice by reducing layers to produce fresh, fresh juice.
Smart Cap prevents leaks when pouring juice into glasses. It allows more than two ingredients to blend together to create a more diverse and diverse juice.
The safety lock system has a safety design which can only be used if the main base and body are properly assembled.
By designing the machine system to have low noise. Equipped with a motor that reduces slow rotation speed, Kuvings CS600 produces less noise and vibration.
You can easily clean the dirt in the juicer head by simply attaching the rotating cleaning brush to the juicer head and twisting them against each other.

Benefits of the cold pressed juicer kuvings CS600

1) Benefits of low-speed extraction of 60 rpm

- Helps maintain vitamins And nutrients in the juice: Juice squeezed from the Smart Cap Slow Juicer will have more vitamins and nutrients than juice squeezed from Juicer Other models that use high speed and grind with heat. This makes the water filled with vitamins squeezed from the machine able to be used to detox, lose weight, nourish eyesight, make skin/hair beautiful, and repair worn out parts in the body more efficiently.

- Vegetable-fruit juice squeezed from the machine "Won't separate layers" : Because of the low-speed grinding, there is no heat that causes Oxidation, unlike other models that grind with heat. and will have a bright dark color similar to when cutting the flesh of vegetables and fruits Makes it possible to juice vegetables and fruits that are not only rich in vitamins. But it has a bright, beautiful color and is delicious to drink (but if you leave the water out, will separate layers naturally)

-Dry the pulp remaining from squeezing: Shows the ability to squeeze water out of the pulp efficiently. Makes you not waste squeezed vegetables and fruits

2) Benefits of separating vegetable and fruit juices

The body absorbs vegetable and fruit juices quickly. And it's more effective than eating it as a ball to make vegetable-fruit juice. Combine flavors by adding vegetables-fruits in the desired proportions (such as banana-strawberry, banana-apple, etc.). Can make vegetable-fruit juice that is an ice cream shake: by adding vegetables-fruits. Sticks that have been frozen and mixed with milk

3) Highlights of materials/machine systems

-Motor is quiet and high efficiency: Motor noise is only 40-50 Db (compared to low speed pulp extractors that are normally 60 Db) and high speed pulp extractors at 80-95 Db.

As for the plastic, it is Bpa-Free: The plastic materials of the machines that come into contact with fruits and vegetables are all Bpa-Free, so consumers can rest assured that there are no chemicals. BPA seeps into fruit and vegetable juices.
There is a 2-layer security system: the machine will not squeeze juice. If it is not assembled well or the motor temperature is too hot, Ultem material: The "residue strainer" and "juicing spiral" are made from Ultem material, which is the same Eco-Friendly material used in NASA spacecraft. This is a new innovation. Cold pressed juicer kuvings CS600

Specifications: Cold pressed juicer kuvings CS600

Power: 200 watts
Juice storage jar, capacity up to: 500 milligrams
Juicer Low rpm cold extraction: 60 rpm.
Weight of the whole machine: 9.1 kilograms
Size Width 260 mm. / Length : 183 mm. / Heigth : 515 mm.
Produced from country: Korea
Fruit compartment width: 3.5 inches ( 88 mm)
Can be used continuously for 1440 minutes (maximum 24 hours)

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IDEA 2017
IF Design Award 2017
Red dot Design Award 2017
Spark Award 2016
Good design Award 2015

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CS600 มีมอเตอร์ระดับอุตสาหกรรมที่ช่วยให้ใช้งานได้นานขึ้น ช่วยให้ทำงานต่อเนื่องได้นานถึง 24 ชั่วโมง เมื่อทำความสะอาดเศษกากใยในภาชนะเป็นประจำ ทำให้เหมาะสำหรับวัตถุประสงค์เชิงพาณิชย์

ช่องใส่ที่กว้าง 88 มม.

The CS600 features an 88mm flap gate and optimized mouth design, allowing for the insertion of whole ingredients. This wide feed chute decreases extraction time, preserves the natural tastes of ingredients, and minimizes nutrition loss during the juicing process.

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ใช้งานต่อเนื่องได้ 24 ชั่วโมง

มาพร้อมกับมอเตอร์ทรงพลังและเทคโนโลยีควบคุมอุณหภูมิ ช่วยให้สกัดน้ำผลไม้ได้ยาวนานหลายชั่วโมง


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