Kuvings cold press juicer model REVO 830(KSP-2428)

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Praparat Kumtornkittikul
Revo 830

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รัก revo830❣️❣️

#kuvingsRevo830 #คือดีพูดเลย❣️❣️
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REVO 830 สีแดง

ซื้อมาแล้ว ทดลองใช้ถูกใจมากครับ ใช้งานง่าย ล้างทำความสะอาดก็ไม่ยาก REVO 830

Media Mention

Cold pressed juicer REVO830

New innovation for easier juicing

Save time on preparation

Double fruit compartment

Large 90 mm opening for juicing both fruit and cutting vegetables.
45 mm compartment for celery, carrots, greens and cucumbers.

Top-notch premium address

Automatic cutting feature

Using the latest technology, Kuvings has designed a bladeless blade. Therefore, the integrity of the cold-pressed juice is preserved. Instant automatic screw cutting (There is now a cutting mechanism on the top of the screw. When putting carrots/celery/cucumbers into the feed chute The screw first chops the ingredients and then gently crushes them.

Stronger motor

Our latestinnovationcomes with a stronger, more powerful motor that can handle large amounts ofjuicing.

Remember, It always tastes better with Kuvings.😊🧡 Whole Slow Juicer REVO830

The NEW Kuvings REVO830 is an all-in-one juicer that cuts down your prep time–literally! The REVO830 feeds both long and wide ingredients into its auto-cutting screw, saving you prep and cleanup time. Plus, this cold press juicer makes healthy sorbet, nut milk, and smoothies!

Whole machine slow juicer REVO830

New flip door

The large 90mm flip door allows you to load all your ingredients. So you spend less time preparing and more time juicing.

New juicing screw

Chop ingredients using a screwless blade. So you don't need to chop. Juicing carrots and celery has never been easier.

Motor upgrade

Has a longer continuous working period It can juice continuously for up to 30 minutes with a quiet sound.

Smart Cap

The new and improved square-shaped smart cover allows for better grip and easier dispensing of juice.

BPA free

It is a product made from safe materials that do not create environmental hormones.

Wide pulp dispenser

The juicer's wider pulp outlet makes cleaning easier compared to previous models.



Model REVO830
Color Matt Black, Matt Dark Red, Matt Light Sliver
Type Low Speed Compression
Wattage 200W
Voltage AC220-240V,50/60Hz
Dimensions 256 x 210 x 480 (mm)
Weight 7.5kg
Maximum Use Less than 30 minutes