[2024 NEW] Rotating Brush for REVO830

550.00 ฿ THB

New Cleaning Tool for REVO830

Cleanup is very easy thanks to our included cleaning tools! And we released a whole new rotating brush for REVO830 that is more efficient. Here's a video:

How to use the cleaning tool?


Push the slide lock of the dual cleaning tool toward the handle to release it.


หลังจากสอดแถบยึดเข้าไปในร่องวงแหวนซิลิโคนที่อยู่ตรงกลางของตัวกรองแล้ว จากนั้นจึงลดที่จับลง


In that state, push the slide rock at the bottom with the strainer and tighten it.


Wash from side to side while rotating the dual cleaning tool and strainer in opposite directions under running water.

Tip! The cleaning tool makes clean-up quick and easy. Completely dry after cleaning.