Vegetable Rน้ำแข็ง Muffin


Make healthy vegetable rice muffins using the remaining vegetable pulp after juicing.


Carrot Pulp 50 g, Yellow Bell Pepper Pulp 50 g, Onion Pulp 50 g, Broccoli Pulp 50 g, Rice Powder Muffin Mix 200 g, Egg 70 g, Milk 100 g, Butter 10 g, Roll Cheese 20 g

TIP Fill only 70-80% of the muffin mix to make perfectly domed muffins.


  • 1. Mix butter, milk, and eggs.
  • 2. Add muffin mix to 1 and blend well.
  • 3. Add vegetable pulp to the dough and mix.
  • 4. Top with cheese and bake in the oven.


Muffins are good for a meal. Moreover, the potassium in carrots and other vegetables helps discharge waste and excess sodium in the blood and relieve hypertension.


2~3 persons


1073 Cal

MAKES (ml)

2~3 persons