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A healthier lifestyle inside a vacuum
1. The magic of the vacuum
2. Powerful motor up to 3.5 hp.
3. Noise reduction cover
4. Vacuum tumbler (additional components)
5. One-touch automatic button (Vacuum Spin/Auto/Auto)
6. My Variable Speed (RPM) Control
7. Eco-friendly Triton Container (BPA Free)
8. Safety system
9. 3D 3D moving blade

 Model SV-500E, SV-510E, SV-520E, SV-530E,
SV-500B, SV-510B, SV-520B, SV-530B, SV-500M
 Color Metal Silver
 Type High-Speed Quiet VACUUM BLENDER
 Wattage 1500W
 Voltage AC220~240V / 50~60Hz
 Dimensions 216 x 240 x 443(mm)
 Weight 6.2kg
 Capacity 1.9L (Real capacity 1.5L)
Container capacity Maximum capacity of blend: 1300ml / maximum capacity of grinding: 500ml
 Materials Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC


Healthier lifestyle within a vacuum

The Magic of a vacuum

Optimal vacuum conditions created by -80kPa of pressure prevent ingredients from oxidizing, preserving the colors, flavors, and nutrients as close to nature.

Quiet low-noise blending

Minimum noise, Perfect blending.
Blending is now quiet with the Noise Reduction Cover, a unique advancement in high-speed blending.