HearthFriend Smart Juicer MOTIV1

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Body Type Analysis with 7 Body Composition Examination
Specify a 1:1 custom formula.
How to learn correct posture easily
Systematic health management by setting goals
Recommended recipes for beauty and food.
100% natural fruit juice without additives
Stable construction for accurate measurements
82mm large and simple flap door
Practical components with comfort

HealthFriend Smart Juicer MOTIV1

Mobile health Partner at any time from anywhere!

Provide 1:1 Customized Recipe

Customized recipe for your body composition
Suggest customized recipe for your body composition according to body type analysis, not a juice anybody can have. Try your own recipe from ingredients to juicing method.

How to Learn Correct Postures Easily

Health coach
Incorrect postures can cause injury. Select proper level based on your health condition. HealthFriend Smart Juicer’s health coach provides you video clips according to your places and muscle part to be exercised, for example stretching, aerobic exercise, core, outdoor exercise and etc.


Easy & Simple Health Checkup

Body type analysis through checking 7 types of body composition

By using body composition analyzer installed in juicer, you can measure 7 types of composition in your body.
(body fat mass, body fat rate, muscle mass, body water, minerals, body mass index(BMI), and basal metabolic rate(BMR)).